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Sun Basket

project description

We were approached by Sun Basket in 2014 to partner on building a brand that differentiates in a highly competitive market, the subscription meal delivery service. We collaborated on an archetype for the brand that embodied warmth, organic and sustainability - this was the north star for all brand work to come. Since our branding efforts, Sun Basket raised over $140m, spread nationwide and continues to use the branding we developed for them 6 years ago today.


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It's not just about how it looks on the outside

the unboxing experience

During the buildout of the packaging design for Sun Basket, we not only paid close attention to the details on the outside of the box but on the inside as well. We developed a multi-level unboxing experience for Sun Basket's customers that enhanced their brand awareness. We greeted their customers with warm and welcoming messaging that showcased their brand values. As a result, we were able to gain more organic reach by customers posting photos of the packaging to social media channels.

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